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Can I fly from the school of my director on the basis of suspicion?

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I had on 02/13/2015 with 4 other students in an art detention area without supervision of a teacher and in this space was Riots and the Director suspected us 4 and threatened us that he throws us from the school who say nich who it was but we were it nich and now he wants to, he can throw us only to a suspicion of the school mean?


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You have rioted joint control because it does not come to the damage by the single on. A common punishment is therefore legal.

The director can not pick out a detail without proof, but for the Community indeed it needs no further proof.

No - he can not. If there are no witnesses who have seen that you have rioted there, he can not hurt you because of a suspicion. lg Lilo

Without proof that works not so simple - probably just ne empty threat. What about your parents, then? The is yes certainly not listen to you, so must make for you rampage and tell him that not so easy.

In doubt for the accused! How it applies here. If he has no evidence of your guilt, he can you not from the school.


Without evidence anything goes!

Greetings, Dreams97

As if ..... I think that it can nich .. finally you have not been there, yes.

Not really, but you Moeglich alles..Wenn but exactly know for yourself that you were not there, you can do quite authentic and deny full of peace, the fact

No, he or the teacher's responsibility, if the room is damaged because it is unattended :)

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