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Can someone write what kind of a dog breed me?

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The question is above already.

Thank you in advance!


The best answer

on the little pictures I would have told Vesti, in closeup, it looks kind of terrible ._.

Definitely again any Mini breeding, the main thing is to aussehn sweet whether the dog is healthy or not

Wow the boy already looks so incredibly sick oO

Seems to me to be a fashion dog who is probably emerged in China. Much too small, accordingly mE torment breed. Health problems with breathing, back and knees are pre-programmed.

What "race" that is, I can not tell you the best of intentions.

Oh God of poor OO .. I think long hair chihuahua puppy ...

probably some mixed breed in China, which appears obviously sick!

Kintamani, Kishu or Korean Jindo

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