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Can you fly from the school if you do not behave in a timber?

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Could be expelled from school because they do not behave in a single subject (religion) well? It is so .. I have problems with my religion teacher .. And besides, I'm not particularly interested in this subject .. I'm as during the teaching jokes and call purely .. Do not work well with .. Do not write with .. speech classmates or make other nonsense .. I know that I order only self pity me etc but sometimes I need that simple .. why but goes not .. so I can really fly from school because when I'm doing a bit of nonsense? LG Luna


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Of course you can NOT - be expelled from school - in this case.

Before that you have to first have committed so many offenses that range ALL "covered" order measures: reprimand, censure, even times and even repeated censure, Class Council, Discipline Committee, the threat of referring etc .......

The red card you'd only with criminal offenses receive: eg attack on the teacher in bodily injury (for YOU, not for you) and comparable!


If you're 14 years old you can unsubscribe from the religious education you even without parental consent.

To fly from school brauchts already a little something more. I've done it this feat. Had all sorts of nonsense and organized at the end of more than 100 entries in the class register. This I was, as they said: "for the school intolerable". I came from high school down to the high school. There I was - crazy world ^^ - after a short time class president :)

Beu extreme cases this may be possible.

but Davor still takes a staff meeting be convened and it would have some of your teachers for your Rausschmiss be.

But changing Just in ethics, if you do not like religion.

eig not, otherwise half the school would have flown 10 times ^^

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