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Can you fly out of school because of the forgery of a certificate?

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Hi, I'm in the 9th grade of a high school and am 15 years old. I have a certificate requirement, which then leads me to my question: What punishment threatens me if I once faked 2 or 3 a medical certificate? Can I get it a reference or I can even fly out of school? PLEASE only content meaningful and verifiable answers.

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Fälsch just do not again let the matter rest. Very easily.

Have you ever added somewhere od. You at anyone for excuses od. Shown up ruefully, anonymous except here? You should speak with your Director u. Tell him that you know will be consequences, but you need to remain absolutely at this school, and that you feel sorry for.

Yes for a crime you can fly from the school. In addition, you'll find yourself for too must stand trial: http://dejure.org/gesetze/StGB/267.html

Both display and can be the result

Yes, you can. This is a forgery, you can even get a display, so that do not prefer again

Can you fly out of school because of the forgery of a certificate?

Yes, and rightly so.

Of course, this is a criminal offense. And now attest duty to your. Why there has been a requirement. Probably because I've missed too often, otherwise I can not explain it. Instead you learn it, you want to know what happens when you fälschst a certificate.

2 or 3 times - that you can fly from the school. Did you then your 10-year compulsory education is not met, then they will put you in a different measure.

Sure you can. Forgery? Oh man....

If the headmaster is severe, which may be sufficient grounds - are, after all scams.

You get a disciplinary committee. And if the tick correctly, you get at least the threat of dismissal with immediate effect.

Travelers should not stop you.

stringent If you are lucky there only NEN they may throw you

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