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Hi, I am developing an app that needs to access a movie database. would be Offer of course, at best, the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), but I'm not very smart from what is now legally allowed and what is not.

From the FAQs from IMDb to the question: Can I use IMDb data in my software?

... The data can only be used for personal and non-commercial use and must not be altered / republished / resold / repurposed to create any kind of online / offline database of movie information ...

That seems clearly first. They may be used for private purposes. What contradicts the a site called Open Movie Database API. There you have also access to the most important data of IMDb. At the bottom is drawn to the following: All content licensed under CC-BY 4.0. If you now click on CC-BY 4.0 to get to creative commons. There is very important:

You are free to SHARE (...), ADAPT (...) for any purpose, even Commercially.

Is not that pretty much the opposite of what could be read on IMDb? Can it be that OMDB API has the right anzbieten what actually denied me the IMDb me?

Thank you for your attention :-)


The best answer

  1. You can the imdb in your app use, as long as you earn money with your app (non-commercial). If you switch or money to use in asking your app advertising the purpose of the app is commercial and you can not use the imdb.
  2. At the bottom of omdbapi directly under the Note to CC-BY 4.0, is that the page has nothing to do with the imdb. What that allow you and what therefore is not entirely their cause.

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