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Do I have a virus on my IPhone 6?

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I've just googled what, then I came to a page and then came the news ... Now I'm afraid that I have a virus on it or is it just a fake ?? I do not want reseten because my clothes are important to me my phone ...


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Do not worry, that's a Fakeseite that will bring you to install any app.

You have a iphone. So the first is a fake why you never have to worry about. 2. If that happens to you again, there is as good as any viruses in apple system due to which it is a closed system. Actually, it is almost sure to get already impossible a virus. (Auser it is jailbroken) and 3. Remember on an iPhone or iPad, an app your phone not for viruses because it also takes on system files access and that it can not because the iPhone would block everything.

the message I had just au just I think the servers of Apple are currently down so we get messages from viruses

Fake .. if you do not have it jailbroken are apart from possible Browserhijackern relatively safe

Man Carry your stuff in iCloud so easyyyyy

On mobile phones, there is (still) no viruses.

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