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Dog attacks at my sister because of jealousy!

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Hi folks :), I have a problem and hope you can help me. I want a dog have a Labrador :) I have a little sister that comes only on weekends. So my father and was advised by a good friend of every day has to tuhen with dogs. The said ,, He would prefer to leave it because the dog will attack them if I and my father are not there! Because jealousy ... So now I wanted to ask you if this is true. My friends have dogs but something I have not heard except yesterday. Thanks in advance :) Marcel


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Degrees in dogs, it is so, they should be the person from an early age to know (So if the dog is small). So it should not eventually just so barge but best then if the dog is new there. So, he gets to know the same.

^^ Good statement, a friend who has daily contact with dogs, I also daily to do with cars and can not rep it! But I think sometimes, even against the word, your sister "must" equal to be there, is not absolutely necessary (it does harm to certainly not), it is important that they do not then loss piled on the dog when she sees him! If the education of the dog fits, kan everyone come to visit, have without fear.

Hi, sorry but I think your father got you tricked and never let advice: D Den he would seek advice, the idea would come up that you never alone makes small children and dogs unattended, therefore never had the chance of Retriever .. . Can even your Paps times is to say that you've just just been on the phone with his friend because he hath also been elucidated as with a dog and he assumes because of your geisitgen maturity, you will protect the sister: P at his reaction'll see whether he has fib then;)

If the dog is properly trained, he will not be easy oO apply your sister That's just Feeble-Minded. Important the dog is your sister gets to know and get contact with other children.

Since you never can be alone with the little sister of the dog he the problem has indeed done. Dogs allowed never alone with children.

Well, small children and dogs should not be left alone anyway. But this has nothing to do with jealousy. How old is your little sister?

I find that very often is thought too human. Why should the dog be jealous of your little sister?

Wow na the friend of your father's a real expert ....... determined as next comes also the one hind the world domination travels whom he may again sifa or to bed .... a dummgeschwaetz .... should children namely dogs never alone but leave most dogs I know are fond of children .... but also lies with them as you educate the dog .....

It is now always on the dog

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