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Dog was run over and I can not live without him

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On Saturday I was with my two dogs and Paco Pötty way to a long walk in the field. The two run off leash in the field can be called good. This Saturday but appeared a deer, Paco looked briefly but Pötty ran after immediately. As he was about 17 o'clock. I am after hours through the area have searched and called him, but no trace of ihm.Ich said shelter and police communication that I miss my dog. As it was dark I brought Paco first fast home and drove off again to resume scanning. Known had spotted him and I'll be going on but he could not be found. After 22h the call to the police that Pötty located in the trench, head-on collision came with the car. I took my best friend with to the ditch and yes there it was. I work as a nurse can see wounds and blood but with Pötty I thought I would collapse. The whole chest was open, totally twisted pine. I hope he was killed instantly. I'm such accusations ... he must have also gsucht me and then two lights are the last thing he sees. Pötty had no easy life. He comes from Hungary. Had only one ear and many scars on the neck as it in the Hungarian shelter was the weakest time and the other dogs pounced on him. It should go to him better here .... He was so affectionate that separation have cried a lot from my partner through and suffered. Pötty never left my side, licked my tears from me, sleeping at night on the head Cushion, always a paw on my face. Now he is no longer there. If only I had just better watch out I can not forgive me. My first dog Paco also suffers greatly. Geistert constantly through the house, is wailing outside the window, eats less. I'm just crying on and feritg with the world. Get this sight is not out of my head. He sighed ever so sweet when he lay down or was relaxed. What shall I do? How should I Paco now cater if I myself am in the end?


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Do you realize that you're not to blame for the death of Pötty. always keep dogs on a leash or in the house is not appropriate to the species. Dogs need freewheel. You have done what is needed by you have your dog well trained, because only dogs that can be heard well-leash running in the field. I know that's hard now but no one can guarantee 100% that a dog is not endangered. Remember that Pötty spent after his bad time at the shelter a very good time with you and Paco. Yes tragically his life has been terminated by an accident too early, but I think that it is better to have a shorter full and happy life as one long terrible life. You have everything for Pötty done what a person can do and that's why he had a good time with you. It is quite normal that you grieve now, take your time. Think of the good times with your dog. Mach much with Paco. It will help you and distract you more and more of your pain. Remember, you have an important task, Paco needs now particularly.

First I want to say how sorry all doing what you or you happened. Something to be processed scary bad and very difficult. Unfortunately, I speak from experience here ...

It is important that you understand that you can not give you any blame for it all! For what happened, no one is responsible. I know how easy it is, but to do so in a situation even accusations think you have tried everything to get the dog back. So hard that now perhaps it may sound, but what has happened can not be undone and you will have to live with it. So as you describe the whole story, you really seem to have loved this dog. And just so I think that you should try to imagine you know what to expect your dog in this situation from you. He knows that you have tried everything in order to avoid something. And if you're honest with yourself, then you'll know that your dog would not want you so suffering now. And above all, he would want you to careful grooming your other dog. Keep your Pötty good memories and be thankful that you were allowed to spend so many hours with him. Although the following may perhaps listen to the one or other stupid but I think that you have Pötty now in a better place is where he is really happy. You have it in time in which he was given everything you could give to you. And that is certainly the greatest gift you can give another living being.

It will certainly take a while until you are more or less at this loss of time. It is now almost exactly a year ago since I lost my dog ​​and it goes still no day that I do not think about it. But now I have learned with sorrow deal. And although I miss her madly still I know that she's okay now. And that is exactly what counts.

Although this text you will probably be no or little comfort here I hope that I could show you at least that you're not with your grief alone. I wish you all the very good and hope of hearts that soon you feel better.

Best wishes and good luck.

PS Maybe you should just every now and then with friends to talk about the whole thing and start sharing your grief. That definitely helps.

All the best.

Feel with you, I'm very, very sorry for you.

Unfortunately, something repeatedly and almost every dog ​​owner to happen. One does terrible accusations and the feeling never to come back from the deep hole. Mourning takes time. Therefore, I wish you strength. There is no allegation and no finger-wagging, but you should in future very determined work on accessibility.

There you should be a consolation that he recently had a beautiful life and his death occurred very quickly. He did not suffer. It is a sad ending, but you have the certainty where he is. Lange uncertainty that you would ever find him again and in what condition, would ganau so bad for you, probably. even worse.

Paco needs you now more. Him love be brave. It somehow goes on and on. Pötty has left a big gap, fill it at the appropriate time with a poor dogs soul, who long for a good waiting at home. With a new task, the grief can endure better. Heads up.

I'm sure you took pictures of him. Do a beautiful photo album, so you'll never forget the beautiful moments with him. Try to be next to your grief for your other dog there and take you a little time out for Pötty every day. Spending attempts otherwise the day as normal as possible, so your other dog does not suffer unnecessarily through your grief.

I'm really sorry that he had to go so early .. but you've got your 2nd best friend by your side, supporting you and can give you comfort :)

You can without him, Bordie! Losses are part of life to go through the pain! Eventually you're ready for a new second dog.

I'm sooooo !; terribly sorry (

Against the pain you can not only withstand machen-. Over time, relieves the pain

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