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My dog ​​(almost 2 years old), often does not listen when I call, then what makes me animal driven mad inside.

Mostly, they then looked at me only briefly or simply sniffs around encouraging soil. I have everything, absolutely everything! tries.

What would you do at the moment?


The best answer

Stay calm! When the dog realizes that he can provoke you so but you do not do anything he continues. The best you can no longer run free him. If he behaves well on a leash, let him go (best in the forest). but he comes still does not then call in no way a thousand times his name. The dog would you not want to leave, believe me; I myself have had experience of my 2 dogs. Call him 2x, then he should not come turn around and pretend like you go back again, then he comes mostly. Or if it is running in a different direction, you go the desired way as normal, it will fulfill. A dog wants (especially if he is already 2 years old) do not "leave". Should he go by the "Wool" program, however, does not disappoint, so to hear it, reward him with treats;) Got questions or what is not understood? Write to me, I'm open to anything: D

Dog school. You've messed up the education in the first few months and are now inconsistent. You have to calm and strictly remain and if you punish immediately. But try it once school with dogs.

have you yourself done this really interesting? or everyone goes his own thoughts after the walk? when my dog ​​has discovered hunt, I was only with a bag full of toys on the road with him. I then pulled out a, called the dog in relatively short sequences: shiva spieeeeelen !!! have brandished the toy and then the latest raced my dog ​​to me and we played short. the toy I supplied afterwards again in my magic bag that I never leave him, that it what was special.

then I also made the recall exercises. when a bird ran after I called shiva spieeelen and my dog ​​turned, raced up to me and the rest you know yes.

with this method, I was a few weeks on the road, now I have only two toys here and it still works. try getting if this is something both would for you. also I hide my dog ​​go even toys again, he must then find, or put him a trail.

I think if you make yourself more attractive to your dog, he will also find it worthwhile to you to come back. who in fact checked for a long time that the only thing that awaits him with you is to be leashed. I sniff but rather continue .....

There are those Dog Training there you can go a week go there learns the dog something. LG bl4ck

read times under "Calming Signals" by as is well described why your dog this might makes. Otherwise, go to a dog school.

buy yourself ne towline and let time ne time on the towline and train.

My bitch had the phase manner. I called she looked at me and went on. So I got back the towline draufgemacht and after 4 weeks the issue was settled again.

I call my dog ​​max 2 times, they do not I'll go either away or fetch me them. Say I run back and leash them without comment.

I have everything, absolutely everything! tries.

What would you do at the moment?

na. what shall we advise you if you have already tried EVERYTHING?

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