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Eyelid swollen in the dog eye, the eye is also red. What's this?

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So yesterday we at one eye found in our dog that it is red and swollen, also is on he pupil anything. The eye also tränt. We suspect that she has either conjunctivitis or has scratched out somewhere. An otherwise it is as always eats, plays and so on. We go tomorrow with her to the vet. But you know perhaps what could be the ?? Thank you in advance.


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I bet on a conjunctivitis, more accurate you can say only the vet. Probably you will an eye ointment been prescribed and that's it :) Get well to Woof. Lg. Milka

If something is on the pupil then go ask today to the doctor. Best directly to a clinic. Pet Doctors have no idea of ​​eyes (usually) when you have something on the eye you go indeed to the eye doctor.

I've been waiting for my dog ​​too long with similar symptoms, now we have consequential damages. With things on the eye is not to be trifled with. It can tell you only one it trained doctor, what he has and should seek it without delay.

at which detected an eye that is red and swollen

can have various causes, such. as Bindehautentündung, nictitating, the latter can only be corrected surgically. Is definitely tomorrow to the vet to the inspect and treat!

This can tell you only the vet

That nobody can say here. Without having to be vet and gseh the dog in real ... go to the vet ...

we have a rolled inwardly eyelash, eyelash roll that --bestimmt repeatedly for some time - scratched on the eye so that it has ignited grants.

which must be operated in general..

http: //www.vox.de/medien/sendungen/hundkatzemaus/1a93f-d7469-5ddf-26/dr-wolf-aug ...

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