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Fast and Painless suicide ?! Need Urgent Help

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Please ONLY read completely and respond THEN, thank you! Hey guys, I'm in April 15 and I have since I 6 Years Old BINR THROUGH suicidal thoughts. I have some problems: - I'm ugly - Mega bad grades in school despite effort (learn 1-2 hours per day) - No friends'll bullied at school - Unfortunately, since I was born under serious and severe depression (War so already at 4 different psychiatrists, everything has nothing helped) - Congenital and incurable severe disability (mentally and physically) - oNLY stress with parents and they do not love me, tell myself often that they hate me (and nOT just because they are just mad, they say that even if they are in a good mood and completely seriously) Those are the reasons why I simply do not want more. And please come NOT "This is just a phase, everything will be better, everyone has times briefly as a phase" BECAUSE I had thought the first 3 years, but this "phase" is now as I said since nearly 9 years my hope is extinct long. As I said, I was already at 4 psychiatrists, it simply does not help ... It's my decision and is almost certain now, I have some ANNUAL been thinking ... why I ask you to me a painless and quick to call method .. My reasoning was rail suicide, because you as I believe is dead very rapidly and the survival risk is seeeeeehr low. What do you say? Lg Nico


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Hi Nicole, people with suicidal thoughts do not want to, but the situation in which they kill. Everyone, even you, is unique. Therefore do such thoughts never lead to the end.

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