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Hair coloring from how many years?

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I want my hair color but my parents allow me I'm not 15 one of you knows from how many years I can leave even without permission dye my hair? And maybe someone has a link where you can read in the set so I can show it to my parents


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It is legally allowed only from 16 (New law that the beginning of 2013 (or 2014? Was adopted)) Even with permission will you stain and buy a hairdresser you can not do the means also. (And without permission you should the also to 18 do not trust, many parents take something not good at when it was previously forbidden;))

At the hairdresser's from 16th In business is on the packages also from 16 but you can buy it with no matter how many years, which controls any and itself you can color whenever you want, even with 12th

From 16 stands on all packaging it ... Can But if you want that you buy and even make it without permission ... With the consequences you have to live but then ...

Officially it is allowed from 16th

Eiso I'm not sure but I think man should so Eiso can so from 13/14 years to dye the hair but I'm really not 100% sure, because I once knew a girl in elementary school, and she had her hair ( dyed red!

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