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Help! Have habanero sharpness (hot chili) get into the eyes

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As mentioned already above I cooked with habanero and my contact lenses then replaced it were on my fingers or sharp acid on it and now it burns


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If I were you I would of course take out the lenses and then not rinse eyes with water but with milk or low alcohol as beer. This solves the capsaicin as opposed to water. These funds will also help if you have eaten too spicy. Water helps as good as not. Chili Ahoy

Hey :) quick rinse with water, and then go directly to your ophthalmologist, who can help you best. Get well!!

Direct flush your eye with plenty of water and to the doctor or to go to an ophthalmologist. The dangerous: These "acids" may your retina etc. badly damaged, leaving long-term damage.

From the doctor and rinse my advice

Note: In general, you can often get incorrect diagnoses on the Internet.

  • Greetings Dennis

Rinse with water and if that does not help from a doctor.

Rinse with water if it nichrt in one hour is better go to the doctor

And then you can still write? Brave, brave .....

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