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hey, I want small since I am a dog, a father is afraid of dogs my mom not

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Please only advice that I do is not so: a lot of responsibility, or .....


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if your father wants a dog, then there is nothing to change! After all, is supposed to be a Fmilienmitglied and must be liked by ALL Fmilienmitglieder and welcome a dog.

Dogs are also very expensive! Insurance, dog tax, food, kennel (holiday period), accessories, vet (can sometimes cost up to 2000 EUR, z. B. OP in case of accident or illness of the dog) dog school etc ... So it is very expensive a dog to entertain.

Dogs live 10-18 years and one must be able, a dog, a dog elves long, to be every day needs.

A dog does work and requires much time! He has several times daily in great depth. And gassi out, whether it storms or snows!

Further to your interests, obligations and friends in the next few years will change, so you have no interest, no time and no desire for the dog will!

Stop to edit your father! Get a dog if you're an adult and you have enough time and own money for a dog have?

Try with any dog ​​possibly from some friend (or anyone from the circle) to eliminate the fear of your father. The dog should be dear as possible. (I want a dog but we have too little time so I can understand you)

If your father does not want to share with a dog his life, then this is so. What you should do: Wait until you grow up, then can you buy a dog. In a family all have to be for it.

And one more tip: Write complete sentences and questions that you can understand.

Against the wishes of your parents or your father is as well run anything. Perhaps there is a cute or well affable race, to which he is able to engage?

I want small since I am a dog

Children what they want ...

Please only advice is what I do

And what is now your question ???

If your father is afraid of dogs, then you will probably have to live with the fact that in your family household, no dog will move ...

And then shipped once big and grown up and earn your own money ... Then can you fulfill all your desires ... Maybe it'll work, too someday with a dog

You could vllt times when your father is it admits, go with him to the shelter and ask there if you are allowed to go even with a dog there Gassi, so your father overcomes the fear of dogs

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