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High School DxD Season 3? Release Date?

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Will there be a season 3 to High School DxD? Release Date?


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Yes, it is. Season 3's High School DxD Born and release in April, 2015.

To be precise: In the upcoming Spring-Season (Spring Season), ie April :) ... On this link you will find, among other things, other animes that appear next to High School DxD ^^

On this page kannste eig also seen when, at what moment appears the next episode of the respective anime;.) ... But you will then only be able to see if there is NEN few weeks ago is :) ... So can you already around mid / late March view the data: D


the next scale comes in April and is called: High School DxD Born

April this year for something I recommend you do Ninutaku excellent vids via Anime News ^^

Yes. which comes out in the spring

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