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How thick are targets made of steel?

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Good evening,

which thickness has a steel plate have so that you can shoot it shot with 9mm without penetrate this the target? Here are my Google replies, mostly there are only purchase proposals for targets of air guns ...

Greetings - Felix


The best answer

"No more by" a normal VM projectile is already at 5 mm, however, receives the sheet still bumps.

A common material for steel targets and slats bullet catch is eg "Hardox", a special steel ect from the wells as for construction vehicles. be made.

But this material is not indestructible, as it takes only considerably longer than the normal sheet.

Will you actually virtually "forever" preserved remains only as a tool steel to be hardened. This is actually not get broken handguns projectiles over years.

I made several years ago, the deflector for our Zuganlagen from 10mm 1.2311 and hardened to 50 ... 52 HRC and tempered.

The Hardox plates we had it previously held usually about a year, then they were completely deformed. The cured panels hold now for almost 10 years without the slightest bump.

However, many hobby metallers like place already in the machining of Hardox times the cards and for machining tool steels one needs a little more know-how, also there hardenable steels impossible or very difficult in thin (ie 10 .. .12mm) strengths.

So I would advise you to give the Hardox plates that one gets relatively easily with the correct rating and they also haletn acceptable long.

10 mm would have as rich also normally.

Folding case panes on which I shoot (admitted to .45 ACP) have approximately 15mm

However, I can not say what type of steel is you.

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