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I will always dizzy in sport

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Last year I tipped 1 times in sports, probably because I drank too little. But then all was well after that, 3 months later, I'm upset again and since then me is every time I make sport dizzy, I have been to the doctor. There is something psychological, since I have after 2 times totally lost confidence in my body. My legs and tremble every time there 3 hours before the sport. I was wondering if I'm doing therapy? Where can I do this best? Lg


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I would say, you turn again to your family doctor can give you to good people or advise you :) good improvement


perhaps you are suffering from an anxiety disorder.

So to tilt, almost can become even fainted in hindsight of course traumatic trains take ... But speak yet. With your doctor about whether he holds a therapy for you sense

If you before you start to make your confidence already lose sports, it's probably something mental. One can so whatever persuade.

Do something, even a long-term ECG, or question whether this makes sense. As you can perhaps find out more.

are you underweight?

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