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In existence Hero Brine on the Xbox360 version of Minecraft?

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Yesterday I (on the Xbox360) fenced sheep in Minecraft and when I came back were all gone. I got me nothing here thought so I again fenced sheep and the fence slightly increased, but the next day the sheep were gone! As if someone had let out ... That happened then still 1 time and so I decided to leave the sheep with the first. As I walked through the world, I found at once strange caves with chests and strange platziertem oak in places I already knew, or mapped and provided with torches had .From structurally saw ALL the same. No matter how many times I go through the same world, there always will on new strange caves. In addition, anyone my coffers emptied in the village! Think me paranoid, but I think really that Hero Brine has its finger in the pie and I find iwie not so funny ... In charging screen often is that they are not sure whether Hero Brine was removed! So my question is whether it might be possible that these pixels spirit roams on my map ?! LG / PS own Minecraft Xbox360 Hero Brine experience desirable ^^ Please no Faker or important bookmaker!


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Hero Brine exist in any version of Minecraft. Neither on the PC, or on any console.

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