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Mathematics itself teach (High School level)

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Since I currently much time and math is the most important trade for my future, I would like, as far as it goes, to teach me mathematics from the school itself and home. The mathematics up to my high-school diploma I understood without problems. Has anyone ever tried of you? How would the best approach? What would you start? Are there any good sites on the Internet for this project? I just do not know how to tackle this and would appreciate tips and advice. If someone has already tried the same or managed, I'd appreciate comments from these people the most.

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I am a student of 8th grade and can solve the problems of high school. According to my teacher, I am partly in math even better, how many LK students. I've appropriated me for the most part designed by the knowledge. Well my grandpa was math teacher and has a lot expected of me and explained. This way I can very much in the mathematical field.

Math you just have to understand. The stuff until graduation is easy. If you are somewhat gifted in math, you'd have it actually understand the explanations on the Internet.

I always help the videos on YouTube, z. B

=> Https://www.youtube.com/user/TheSimpleMaths

I think you should start with the differential calculus. So

=> Features

=> Derivation Rules

=> Kurvendiskussion etc.

Then perhaps the integral calculus, stochastics and so ... For questions you simply meld ..

Math can be taught quite well himself, in fact. The basic principles are simple and logical. School is doing most of it too much Brimbramborium. I'd rather take a book for students. But none of Mathematics students (who do not understand you), but something like "Mathematics for economists". Then they are written for compact Doofe :-) But seriously, go look to college and ask a math professor to a good book recommendation. Or visit there a few lectures. That brings more than school mathematics ...

I'd go through fabric curriculum after being mostly created already optimally

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