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My cat does not accept treats.

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Hey, I have various treats for my cat. But whenever I want to give her one, she eats only one or at most they can do it on the far left. Even if the last Malzeit's been longer. And it is certainly not just gorged. Why she does not like treats. All other cats I know are so greedy, because you need only bring out a treat, and they stand expectantly since.

Above all, it bothers me, because I'm doing with my cat clicker and the treats eigentlihc should be a reward. If she does not want, does not work.

Why she does not like treats. We feed determines not too much. My cat is only 9 months old.

I look forward to answers


The best answer

forget these unhealthy junk. and try it with what artgerechtem.

cats are predators.

but most Treats consist largely of cereal and with tons of flavors etc crammed so cat the touches at all.

why this circumstance?

versuchs chicken hearts times with fresh ground beef or very finely chopped, ... if they do not like raw, simply short chase by hot water and finished.

back and wioeder you can sometimes throw a stüclchen hard cheese and use it as Leckerlie.

All this guarantees healthier than the bought treats.

and when all the tear knit, then buy nromale whipped, beat them a bit, so it is a little harder than liquid and put them in a syringe. then simply click and the cat let little lick on the syringe, click again, syringe again, of course .... without needle. ;)

Maybe you should try other treats? The problem I had a short time ago when our cat junior, quite expensive treats had bought because I thought "what's best for my darlings" but did not want it there, eventually came a friend (cat and dog enthusiast) to me and had the cheapest cat sticks aus'm Lidl case, I had my little almost did not recognize again, all excited and they are meowing around coiled around him, as if they had never seen anything to eat

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