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My dog ​​does not eat dry / wet food more. What to do?

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It is an 8-months young Yorkshire terrier. He always readily eaten his dry food (Premiere junior), with wet food he was always picky and it has quite spurned after a while. For some time he even stops eating his kibble. Also other dry food he does not eat, which love the dog of the family. Also not in common. With education at the right seizing it also has nothing to do in the case where we tried many days to offer him only his usually beloved dried fodder and no treats, nothing off the table and nothing else. But since it does not arise about hunger in his bowl. No-he eats prefer nothing. In our very active dog, it has of course immediately visible weight loss effects. We asked other dog owners who have tried it with tiefgkühlpansen. He ate it and increased again. However, other things he despised still. I can but our dog but not only give the rumen. Treats he eats almost anything, but that should be a reward, not a daily pleasure! Now we wanted to try again, whether he eats normally again, to no avail .. In addition to all, there is still the problem that he quickly gets diarrhea or vomiting. That was not in the usual dry food and also the rumen. Now he has again diarrhea and vomiting since we enter the 4th day in a row no rumen and with his dry food and wet food try it, but what he does not touch. My family knows no advice. The breeder had never been a case. And the veterinarians advise me every time ne diet change to royal canin (which, according to ingredients not so good). He eats also not. Or the vets try to sell me an expensive anti-hyper-allergic food. He eats but it nix. Want to make all just money? Please help me dear reader, what can I do, so he eats dog food? I've tried a lot and no more advice. I'm grateful for all the tips, because the welfare of my beloved four-legged friend is important to me.


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I was now again at another veterinarian after some other symptoms were added suddenly. It came out that he had tonsillitis. So verweigertemein dog by ScSchmerzen the food and the bacteria that got into the intestine, etc., have caused this diarrhea. The choke again and vomiting came from the irritation in the neck / throat. His lymph nodes were swollen. The solution to all these were, 2 spraying (against bacteria and pain) and capsules homeopathic which caused the recovery of the gastrointestinal tract. After an hour after spraying it was my dog ​​well and after one day he suddenly devoured everything again on dog food as formerly. And all did not recognize the other vets .. only good that I could now help my Wuffi :-)

We know the problem, have a Mongrel bitch times she eats, not again. Do all foods tested. Now we cook fresh chicken from rice or vegetable croquettes ... Since then, their food intake ensured.

First of all let clarify whether your dog is not a pancreatitis has (if he so often vomits and has diarrhea). Also thyroid levels should be tested. Possibly should still an elimination diet to be made to find out if allergies exist.

Then you can be times with the theme Barf (or your family) http://www.planethund.com/hundeernaehrung/barf-hund-0304.html grapple. Since he has rumen well tolerated and readily accepted, that would be a good feeding form for you!

LG Melanie

my puppy that once had. He vomited after feeding, added was diarrhea and from then on he lay still on his feed. after a few days he ate then very little, then nothing again, in between we tried everything possible, rice etc and our dog ate but hotdogs and other leckerli. our dog a chair sample was then checked and there were Giardia. until the were gone it took. from then on I wanted Barfen but my dog ​​had then a fortiori diarrhea, apparently he can not tolerate it. tion well, now he's older and healthy, I könnnte try it again. I then reported me with wolf blood and have me horsemeat recommended. since I dry food feed this from wolf blood he's fine. Maybe you had to also check a sample chair?

Step 1: Check but seek veterinarian and allergies by blood test (free of something is more meaningful than any diet

Step 2: can be calculated with the result nen Futzterplan for Barf and danasch Barfen

From Royal Canbin and other rubbish I would leave the fingers. Especially without knowing what he does not tolerate

For Überghang I would buy Lammmett (there for 6 € / KG the Turks), as 250gr, 1/2 bag cooking bag rice (chopped) together, men cook (the cheap) and 3 medium carrots in 700ml water. A pinch of salt to it and before, Feeding nen shot leinböl about. Amount of feed per day for NEN 7.5kg dog about 250g, it rechbne yourself to (and watch dog.).

Welcome to the Barfwelt, you've already laid all cornerstones for it! Your dog has already realized how he gets you to get what he wants! Either you since now radically and leaves the dog by 2 days of fasting and give him back the dry food, or you give what nature just set before him and does him.

You tried only at this time to give the dog nothing off the table? Something you should not do in general. Then there's time for a bite delicious roast pork and from it is .. with the dried fodder

If you're just used to toast, that's okay, but if you then times a -not Ahnung- sausage or Nutella gibt..dann to no longer do you want also the dry bread.

Go with the dog absolutely (!!!) to the vet

If this is true what you've written there everything, then would no longer live your little dog !!!

Healthy your dog is certainly not - and so I would have to clarify once what everything is so messed up with the digestive system of your gelibten quadruped ...

A first-aid measure is still chicken soup and chicken ...

I would be first clarify the vet if there is not what's behind infected another. If everything is ok, then reaching him the food in the morning and alternate it off after 15 minutes. Then again until evening he reichen.Frisst not lining wegtun again. Do not allow to stand in front of him the whole day. Treats let also first off, until he has become accustomed to proper eating habits.

a complete blood count was because already done?

Have you ever tried to Barfen the dog! -> Http://barfers.de/

why can not you ever give him food?

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