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my dog ​​is afraid of water do what

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I have a Maltese (Shorthair) she is 4 years old and is in November 5 ... she hates the water on all even small puddles avoid them ... they hate it even if it is running, for example, out through the mud and dirty paws and then I have to clean up .. always trying to jump out of the bath even though she knows that she gets only washed the feet what should I do because they themselves panting in summer in my room where it's always nice and cool .. what should I do I do it first used to the bath and then as scrap proceed?


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many dogs "hate" water - my Whippets would rather always 12 hours to be assured, take a walk in the rain to go (lol)..

Why do you want the dog necessarily used to the water? Baden should a dog anyway practically nonexistent. And the feet one can also make fine clean with a damp cloth.

I know of no reason why you would have used a dog to the water.

If she suffers in the summer from the heat, you can wipe it with a damp cloth - it helps fine.

Good succeed


Always be kind to her! not Dreng it! Go slowly only as before with a bowl of water. Then belohn with a treat. And so you can go on forever. Eventually she has certainly used to the water! Good luck Lidelinchen

I have a Maltese (Shorthair)

is a new variety? Short-haired Maltese does not exist, unless your dog is shaved.

If your dog does not like the water, then you must accept that you can not break him of this aversion. If you want a dog that likes to go into the water, then you must change the race, you buy z. B. a Newfoundlander.

My Shi-Tzu lady Währe prefer Underground gone sooo scared of water she was. My Labi-mix who loves water! No lackerl may be too small, as the he not goes into it! Some breeds of dogs are simply so that a love of water, others do not like it once from above!

Why should your dog be water fan with bathing fun now essential?

This is not absolutely necessary.

If you have your dog times necessarily bathe or wash, then it may be helpful if you are using a large basin. Put a towel in the basin and fill only as much lukewarm water one that does not necessarily have the stomach must be in the water.

In order to provide themselves on hot days cooling, it is not necessary that the dog goes swimming or is bathed ...

My dog ​​also hates puddles and mud and everything that makes dirty. Is just his nature.

Leave her alone. If you had a fear of water you would not want to be simply used to it.

I also as a princess here that pees not even when it rains, no matter how full the bladder.

Baden is only accompanied by a loud howl, but when it is time it, it keeps silent. You must be rarely bathed because she does never dirty. But the paws we wash her every day because they must on the couch and the bed.

We do this over the sink, it goes fast and the dog must be neither completely bathed in the bathtub. Maybe that's what your dog.

What are Shorthair Maltese, I have never heard of it.

Attempt it time to get used to it

throw simply times into cold water ^^

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