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play audio via Component Video Cable

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I'd love to play music from my laptop over my amplifier. The amplifier has a phono input (red and white), my laptop has a 3.5mm AUX output. I have an adapter that fits on one page in the AUX output of the laptop, on the other hand, has a green-blue-red output, so probably a Component Video connector. When I put the red booster cable to the green connector and the white amplifier cable into the blue connector, works the audio transmission. My question is: Can this peculiar connection to short circuits and thus cause damage to the device?


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Component video has no specification for audio transmission. Just as you have assembled it, it will not work, because in a video broadcast on Component always two additional cables exist that make up the audio path. Logically, it would be here, a 3.5mm jack to RCA audio adapter to get. The has been around for a few Euros in any electronics market. What I still ask: HOW TO GET TO THE IDEA OF ATTEMPTING AUDIO ON A VIDEO STANDARD TO TRANSMIT?

the connector has 4 contacts? Otherwise I can not imagine how the 3 split me. works ifs correctly (ie left / right adjustable and not a mixture thereof), there should be no problem.

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