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I have questions regarding dog behavior in relation to the behavior differences between puppy and senior dog?

Displays the puppy his pain unlike the senior dog? Runs in the education slightly different behavior they different? Wise they are different (gestures, facial expressions, etc.)?


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The pain shows each dog differently! One shows it in the so he howls whines or other quitscht like crazy and because it does not depend on age! Then because of the education! can a puppy to educate as you want, but you should already drauf eighth that he is socially! While you may have a senior dog educate difficulties! Clear that one creates but it costs a lot of time and above all hire a lot of patience! Sometimes there are cases you can not do everything and the dog remains as it is, or you have a multi-faceted senior get is ready for anything! Then the behaviors is different even with each dog! However, as mentioned above shows each dog Other characters are puppies for pain Young however still totally playful therefore you should educate playing while old dogs rather less leak but nevertheless still need about 2 hrs a day! Depending on whether any of the old dog the typical diseases such as osteoarthritis has, as you have indeed but run very slowly and not so much! A young dog needs not only a lot of leak but also varied tasks as brain teasers where the spirit is encouraged!

These are now so roughly the differences

I hope I could help you

So I can say that dogs are cowards. My dog ​​"flennt" for every little thing, Zahnwachsel was the horror he had fever, diarrhea and has only rumgejault ... even during dressing changes the Lord nearly dies. Augentropfeb seems to be acid, the stools eyes as to hardly what goes in.

My bitch realize schnerzen difficult to, not limping, they do not whine, I remember only that it is a little quieter than usual.

Each dog shows pain differently, the one crying when he times falls the other does not.

Education: it is easier something new to accommodate than to retrain. But you can any dog ​​no matter what age still matters at bring. There is also schnellkapierer and sleeping tablets under dogs.

Body language is the same for each dog. It often occurs when dogs are extremely Missvertändnissen verzüchtet. The pug sees with his nose as if he would pull gray nose and snarling, then the animal breathe often difficult what sounds like growling.

Dogs can grow extremely isolated do anything with twill language, they do not know what's appeasement etc.

Puppies know from birth how appeased, that's for them also important. Each well-socialized dog is a dog of humility is nothing, except the dog has fear death then does a dog have four options: Fight, Flight, Flirt, Freeze the 4 F. In German: fighting, fleeing, appeasing and freeze. A dog has the panic and he has everything to Try to fight, he will fight to survive. Then it does not matter whether its opposite appeased.

You can even google very new interesting topic to appeasement and body language. With body language you must always observe the whole dog, it is enough to look not only on the head, not every dog ​​is growling aggressive, he can be just as uncertain.

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