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Hey Community,

I have since 2 days a funny Press on the burst cage what hurts when I move. Even if I want to take a deep breath, it hurts and now here is my question what could be the (I hope nothing in the lungs: S). I also go on Tuesday to the doctor but one probably can think of already say what that might be. Possibly Bronchietes or equivalent I just hope nothing worse D:

Greetings xfxrxaxgxe


The best answer

trying times you just add filters to lift the arms over the head while breathing deeply. then let your arms straight untern fall and breathe it back vigorously from. try this a few times, maybe it helps.

Hello xfxrxaxgxe,

I have now and the like, but this disappears if I drink enough! It can still be dozens of other ailments that come to mind spontaneously with you now next pleurisy, rib fracture and pneumonia.

You will you perhaps have thought: this question can be answered, no one else except your doctor surely. There are too many bodies, and each organ can cause virtually dozens of different ailments. The doctor asks about the symptoms (pain on pressure? Respiratory pain? Permanent pain? Etc.) and your living and eating habits (drinking Enough? What did you eat? How active are you sport?), Hear you from making further investigations if necessary (blood, ultrasound , EKG, MRI).

All of these options we can give you here not offer. We would only advise, not to mention the many half-alls. Be patient, the Internet can not help at all, stop. Sorry.

If you are in puberty, then the your breasts just grow to be. YOU have to watch times and if it hurts very go to the doctor.


As you've probably "sprained". Is it ever happened to me. But go to the doctor is definitely good. Bad wirds not be - and the lung itself does not hurt, if there would be something .....

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