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Puppy does not stop at other dogs!

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So the puppies: Name: Timo Breed: Pomeranian Chihuahua Age: 6 months Timo hears actually perfect, (we have not been at the dog school / are because we can not afford it, private dog trainer not :() always comes with can without run leash tricks he can, but if we take dogs (now a French Bulldog, 5 months) he played with it a bit and then I had to call and los.Ich ,,! "plain white if no dog there would be here he would come but in dogs nie.Ich have the owner asked what I should do as their bulldog very good she heard I said should be gone I gehen.Also go away, Timo runs after the dog, I'm still calling on he looks at me briefly but continues running.

What shall I tuhen? :( I can not for the dog school, and can I afford a private dog trainer: ((


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At 6 months, it is norml that he, if he is distracted may be difficult to separate from the other dog.

The easy Leaving only works if you can go away quickly really far enough that he feels he loses sight of you. But dogs have since other "pain distances" as we who know exactly how long and far as they could easily catch up with you again. This can then talk depending on the terrain to be 1 km or more, which makes hardly anyone nervous with. Is also quite dangerous if roads etc in the vicinity.

Try rather to go again with the variant while the two dogs playing him to speak directly to friendly up close to touch, praise and give treats. Then simply leash off, get up and gently but firmly, "Come enough". Then go quickly and immediately determined away from the other dog even if he is not only enthusiastic.

As soon as he goes along, and also mentally again turns to you and you praise him belohnst and are bidding ev. To a game with you.

If you have time and join in the other dog owners you can do it several times and let the dog when he went neatly miit you send for a minute as a reward for another dog and continue playing.

He also learns the same that come to you out of the game is not necessarily the end of the fun is but uch times only NEN "snack" before being allowed to continue to shred.

By anleinen he learns but that there is only one command, there is no Alterntaive than going along when you explain the game to be over and he simultaneously received great praise for going along. Mostly it works then after a few dozen repetitions without leash.

Ds is already, you have indeed been much done. Just practicing ...


one must also not necessarily true in a dog school and a private dog trainer recommend many people very happy - but the cost can probably afford hardly anyone. Because it's not done at once, but also because it takes many hours to train a certain behavior.

But you seem it but already totally hinzubekommen prima. If your Little is only 6 months old, then you already have soooo much achieved in education - because you can be very proud of it.

Do not grieve - with 6 months the dog almost a puppy grad times a young dog. Since it falls just very hard to get out the beautiful ravishing game tear with a like-minded people to succeed.

Be patient and continue to train - with many treats, many pats and praise. Betting, then it will not be long and your dog will also be available from the game with other dogs. But this pleasure should indulge always long and hard to him anyway.

Good succeed


So my dog ​​comes only when I running away, he plays with other dogs :) and then gives a rich treat! You can also sometimes ask the other dog owners if they könenn accept the leash their dogs

You could actually should run in the other direction. Once call when the dog just looks up and then flit off. It is important that the other dog owner does not care about your dog and go. Are you allowed to make only if the place is not dangerous.

If you're sure that your dog does not come not call him get easy and leash on him or carry him away. The dog should not learn that he does not have to come to your call.

Your dog is already very far, you've done well!

That's what the dog learns in the dog school, social behavior and yet good accessibility. You have to a week with another dog meet to play and always practice, practice, practice. I wish you success!

That is the real reason for a dog school: that the dog learns to listen to you, even though several dogs are deviated.

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