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Scared my dog ​​lose

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Hi, hab da mal ne ask. I have last year lost my dog. A labrador, he was only seven, and last year made within a few seconds just dropped dead. :-( Now I have again a dog and I constantly panic that he is sick. Whenever he is quiet, not play wil I panikiere. It comes automatically, this feeling just does not leave :-( somebody has an idea how I this panic in the hand get, because I'd love to enjoy every single seconds with my djinn. Instead I'm so great care ..


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I think that you could simply not handle the bad experience. Evt you hate you too little time taken for it. I would you put a psychologist to his heart. Eventually everyone dies. That your Labrador in seconds simply death fallen is can have several causes. He was 7 years old so no longer the youngest dog of course but for a Labi not just an old age. In your place I would suggest you simply memorize the stuff very very rare passieren.wenn your cat out of the window like is you need not fear have the same thing happens in the new again. Would the dog holding blank sometimes in silence and let relax. He is spühren your fear and so you do not end it yet you a favor. Otherwise, I would really go to the doctor and let entfehlen a psychologist because I think the problem is because the you could not handle the accident.

Dogs allowed to feel your feelings, do not think of the death of your old dog but the nice things you had with him and it is these feelings that you have broadcast the old dog as joy and love, you must also give the new dog .. everyone needs time .. go from us

Maybe it will help you if you are going to examine with him to the vet and when he is completely healthy, then you tell yourself everything is good, my dog ​​is healthy. It's easy to say, but I had the same with my cat. For me it has subsided with time. I hope I could help. Lg :)

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