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Search German cities, which are quite modern. (Moving, life planning)

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I'm looking for German cities, whose inhabitants would rather choose the Left / Green / SPD. Modern architecture, beautiful views, possibly skyscrapers, low crime rate and bubbly, outgoing and friendly inhabitants. Can you think of this description one way or another city?


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Very livable is Cologne It is the only growing dt. Great city. Media Capital There is plenty to see many young people but also a long story People are so Outgoing like nowhere else.

There is a small pickpocket problem but that's as far as I know, to decline.

Definitely Freiburg :-)! Very high quality of life.

In Germany there are almost NO city over 100 000 inhabitants, where you mentioned parties NOT make up the majority in the city council.

But a "low crime rate" You can really NOT expect from such cities (Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Dortmund, Duisburg ...).

As sociable and cheerful as Cologne, Dusseldorf apply (D'dorf but more elegant and wealthy), Munich, Berlin (Berlin but are friendly?) ...

I'm afraid you'll find NO big city, ALL true your conditions, and if you are looking for a city in which rules the LEFT, then you have to search in East Germany.

Possibly BONN would be something for you.

Freiburg in Breisgau


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