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Signal for quiet will train the dog ... how do I do that?

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Hi, So: how do I get my dog ​​at off on command to be quiet saying? What training opportunities are there, how they are constructed and what do you think? In what situations can / should the command be used? Am grateful for every answer! LG


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What you are looking for is the conditioned relaxation, to end up with a link.

Further down you will also find the structure.

Concerns should be one that the conditioned relaxation is charged every now and then, since the whole yes runs through classical conditioning may otherwise happen that you connect the excitation with the previously selected signal, therefore the selected signal should always linked to the state of relaxation will.

Where Dituationen do you have an excessive excitation position or why the dog should be as quiet?

http: //www.easy-dogs.net/home/blog/training/gastautor/dr_ute_blaschke_berthold/k ...

You've been very get here, very good responses. If the dog is challenging if you take only canvas or jacket in hand, so you have to work on the dog's frustration tolerance.

So as often as completely neutral leash in hand, dressed jacket, pulled out again, let dog are left, do not scold, blame ... As long until Hundi thinks: People do not know what he does, because I'll stay lying.

If the dog is psyched out the game with a smaller dog in cats, in infants and .... and .... then I use the word laaaangsaaam and hold the dog gently back in its flanks, until he gentle and quiet becomes. With its front part it must speak physically braked games ...

In this way, learning my large dog puppies in the puppy - socialization time with small puppies to take back while playing.

This leads later to deck games with everything is smaller, younger, weaker and I can with the word laaaangsaaam the dog bring take from a distance for yourself back.


if my dog ​​comes up to because he expected what super great (eg a ride), I remain simply obtrusive than he. He hibbelt, I sometimes plaster a round climb on, sit he hibbelt, settle and a round brush, ascend he hibbelt, dismount and another round .... etc. etc. Lets. extend to all arbitrary.

If he is frantically in situations that are threatening / neu, I practice this easy until he become accustomed (shot strength, for example).

When he simply starts up, it helped me a lot that I have not tried the dog runterzufahren (via cond. Relaxation) but me, with specific breathing exercises and a little "Autogenic training". This has brought a lot! and I "a set between" time. Dog would sooo like the pöbelndem opposite say the opinion and aufspuhlen, then a command which he gladly performs super ( "Give loud"), followed by anything that he can only "quiet" run ( "Down"). Attention is with me, I breathe carefully to myself and mostly it works then

And when it is only kruzfrsitig that Kasper is simply ignored.

For us, this is the signal WAIT! And with the training we started in puppyhood. Whenever the boy has gehippelt impatience, I squatted me put my arms loosely around the dog child and waiting said. Any action carried out only when the dog had come to rest.

Proficient which was constantly, it was next to the housetraining the most important learning contents in puppies and young dogs time. Wait left front of the house, to wait before getting out of the car, waiting in front of the Loss Printen behind the ball, wait while I Gulls before Hundenase have fed, I wait until the door went and am also wait before I released the lining ...

What is needed is mainly and primarily your patience !!! Only if you radiate peace, you can expect this also from your dog!

This takes time! Now, with three and a half, I can wait to tell my dog, meanwhile, jump deer in front of him! :)

useful videos for pet education without violence can be found under animal learn in you tube

often but help a good hundeschule -because there also behave yours and which can be assessed better raktons the dog.

You can zwingem to unterwerfem by you lay him and him then sozusagem a massage ... give you peep times cesar millan on youtube .. I find his methods really the dog very well


The gesture at 1:20, amplified by a low soft Psch ... actually works :)! Thus I have always in the dog of a friend bounces around when he yelping like a bouncing ball immediately success :)!

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