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What kind of a mixed breed puppy? What races stuck in it? How big it can be about

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This is Fermin. He's still a puppy. It weighs 3.8 kg at the moment. So now the question. Which breeds stuck in it? What it could be?


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My guess also German Wirehaired Pointer Mix ... but you can still see well behind the dewclaws, which is also available for older herding dog breed ... So with a breeze Border / Aussi mixed?

... Definitely a very handsome four paws Lausebub :-)

Looks a bit like my as they (profile picture) :) was small naturally without the great Schappohren;) My has twice finished dewclaws (2x2) u.ist a Romanian shepherd dog mix with Spanish blood hound (Podenco)

Have fun recognizing and experiencing the traits of your dog .... This can also go u.wieder already a few breed derived.

Can I like to keep up to date as to your little Surprise designed ... If you have chosen for him bzw.entscheidest :-)

Beagle, German Wirehaired Pointer, Parson Russel .. Currently you can not tell how large it is, especially with mongrels St difficult to predict it something.

Where the worm come from?

I suspect that there is some mustard dog that has developed over generations sicxh

Beagle, German Wirehaired Pointer / short hair and blue eyes Husky = 10 -20 kg, still hard to say

Can a beagle be inside.

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